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Our Members come from the full spectrum of the food production supply chain. From farm to fork, you can find out more about some of our Members through our Member Spotlights.

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Consider how our Members could support your own research and development of novel innovation, products and practices. If you would like to discuss any livestock innovation project, talk to us first in the strictest confidence, and we’ll help put you together with the right partner.

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We’re here to help you build productive working relationships. Just as importantly, we remain independent, becoming a trusted source of knowledge and guidance.

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    AHDB delivers transformational projects to drive productivity and boost farming and supply chain businesses.

    AHDB is an industry-funded organisation, helping farmers, growers and the supply chain embrace new technologies, techniques and skills to become more competitive and profitable.

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    AIC Logo

    The Agrisupply industry’s leading trade association and voice of the agrisupply industry

    The AIC has over 250 members, representing £8 billion turnover at the farmgate across five key sectors: crop protection and agronomy; fertiliser; arable marketing; seed; and some 90% of the UK animal feed market.

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    Biotangents Logo

    Timely diagnosis to improve livestock welfare and profitability
    Biotangents are cleverly answering the need for reliable and affordable tools to monitor animal health and rapidly diagnose diseases to advance the life quality and productivity of livestock.

    Discover more about Biotangents…

    BioSS 200 x 89

    Putting the significance into statistics

    BioSS uses mathematics and statistics to improve agriculture, food, and the environment through enhancing understanding of societal challenges, informing data science to drive innovation, and advancing quantitative methods.

    Discover more about BioSS…

    Chordata Logo

    Developing integrated solutions for ruminant veterinary care

    Their novel system, Chordata PLF, has been developed to provide animal specific and whole herd data insights to assist farmer managers and veterinarians improve performance.

    Discover more about Chordata…

    The compleat Food Group 200 X 89

    For more than 60 years, Compleat Food Group has been supplying high-quality, chilled food produced in Europe to the major UK retailers and foodservice businesses 

    With an end-to-end supply chain it is possible to track products from grower or farmer and slaughterhouse, right through production, technical approval, manufacturing, supply to in store.

    Discover more about Compleat Food Group…

    Cranswick Logo

    Farm to fork
    Cranswick plc are a leading producer of premium, fresh and added-value food products including fresh pork and chicken, cooked and prepared meats and British charcuterie. They are one of the UK’s largest pig producers and a leader in best practice in the pig and poultry industry.

    Discover more about Cranswick…

    Davidsons Logo

    Ruminant Feed Specialists producing a full range of feeds to suit all classes of ruminants

    Davidsons operates one of the most technologically advanced feed milling operations in Europe, enabling the highest levels of efficiency and productivity in the industry

    Discover more about Davidsons Animal Feeds…

    EGGBASE Logo

    Eggbase unlocks the power of data and provides improved business intelligence by empowering producers to make data-driven decisions. 

    The company is an innovative and independent provider of powerful software and data solutions for the egg and poultry industry to help enhance performance, optimise production and share data across the supply chain.

    Discover more about Eggbase…


    A 7th generation family owned specialist grass seed company and one of the founding Industry Members of CIEL

    Germinal’s success is built on research, variety development, science and knowledge driving all future products and business.

    Discover more about Germinal

    MIRICO Logo

    MIRICO have put together a world-class team of scientists who are focused on delivering the most reliable monitoring technology for gas emissions across multiple industries

    At the heart of all their sensors is a revolutionary new technology – Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (LDS). This allows for real-time monitoring of emissions and enables the collection and interpretation of emissions data in almost all-weather conditions.

    Discover more about MIRICO

    Randox Food Diagnostics | CIEL

    Randox Food Diagnostics provide the global food market with screening solutions for antimicrobials, toxins, growth promoting hormones and veterinary drugs in animals and animal produce, offering superb limits of detection and simple sample preparations. They offer analysers and test kits for testing for meat, milk, honey, seafood and feed products.

    Discover more about Randox Food Diagnostics…

    saputo logo

    Sauto Dairy UK is a producer of leading British food brands and value-added ingredients for the UK and global markets 

    Exploring additional uses for the probiotic GOS as an ingredient in the adult food market and animal nutrition. GOS can provide significant health benefits in animals, such as improved animal welfare, productivity and the potential to reduce the requirement for antibiotic use.

    Discover more about Saputo…

    Texel Logo

    Innovation has been at the heart of the British Texel Sheep Society since its formation 45 years ago

    Texel lead the way in the adoption of new technologies like ultrasound & CT scanning to assess carcass merit in live ram lambs.

    Discover more about the Texel Sheep Society…

    Volac Logo

    A leader in dairy nutrition with a mission to develop great products that advance the health and performance of consumers and farm animals 

    Volac believe dairy nutrition, delivered through great products, can be transformative and create a more sustainable and healthier world.

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