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Produced in collaboration with our research partners and Members, read and download the latest information on the full scope of our research capabilities.

CIEL Aquaculture Brochure 2023

CIEL Aquaculture Leaflet 2023

CIEL Industry Membership Brochure 2022

CIEL Industry Member brochure 2023

CIEL Associate Membership Brochure 2022

CIEL Associate Member brochure 2023


CIEL Monogastric Research Capability 2023

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CIEL Ruminant Research Capability 2023

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Take virtual tours of some of our key research facilities

Allermuir Avian Innovation and Skills Centre (Allermuir AISC)

Bristol Poultry Research

Centre for Dairy Science Innovation (CDSI)

Centre for Digital Innovation Applied to Livestock (C-DIAL)

Centre for Plasma Research in Agrifood

National Pig Centre

North Wyke Farm

Mobile Sensory (Product Quality) Laboratory

CIEL Beef and Sheep capabilities

Impacting the present and future of livestock food production and supply chain

Read our current projects and case studies addressing livestock’s Grand Challenges to discover today’s agrifood research, reports, new models and methodology.

Click here for examples of CIEL’s impact on UK farming.

Supporting farming’s journey towards Net Zero

Informed by science and evidence, CIEL is offering the agrifood supply chain key insight into the scale, complexity, opportunities and challenges of reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment.

Read more about this work and download the latest reports.

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    Net Zero Challenge

    The Committee on Climate Change has recommended a 64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and land-use sector to meet a 2050 net zero carbon target in the UK.

    This is an opportunity to tackle climate change while building systems that will help to deliver a sustainable farm and food future for our nation.