CIEL | 12 Founding Research Members

A powerful collaboration and catalyst for the sustainable improvement and change in livestock farming and food supply.

Our Collaborators

Our 12 Founding Research Members are tasked with finding answers to some of the most fundamental issues of the livestock food and supply chain today.

Climate change and population growth 

How we organise our agriculture practice and process will impact generations and will take everyone’s combined knowledge, expertise and innovation to ensure we can successfully secure high quality food production.

Supporting people here in the UK and around the world, we need to find and roll out positive agri-tech, animal husbandry, packaging, supply and retail solutions with less impact on nature and the Earth’s natural resources.

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    Aberystwyth University Logo 200x89

    The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) within Aberystwyth University aims to develop and translate innovative research into solutions that mitigate impacts of climate change and disease and deliver renewable energy, food & water security.

    Visit the Aberystwyth University website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Small Ruminant Platform


    Multi-disciplinary, high-tech R&D and diagnostic and analytical testing to inform policy and deliver solutions to improve business competitiveness, animal health and welfare and environmental impact.

    Visit the AFBI website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Precision Grassland PlatformSustainable Beef Production Research PlatformSheep Finisher UnitsPigs Imaging Technology

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    Wide-ranging research provides information on threats, barriers and solutions to ensure that livestock make an essential contribution to global food security.

    Visit the Bristol University website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Bristol Poultry Research Farm

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    Duchy College is at the cutting edge of positive development in rural industry, combining education, training, business support and applied research for rural industries.

    Visit the Duchy College  website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Future Farm (Dairy)

    Roslin 200 x 89

    A world-leading institute for animal science research, located on the Easter Bush Campus near Edinburgh at the heart of the Midlothian Science Zone. The Institute is part of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh.

    Visit the Roslin Institute website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF)

    HAU_full_logo 200 x 89

    Harper Adams is the leading specialist university tackling the future development of food production, processing, animal sciences, engineering, land management and sustainable business.

    Visit the Harper Adams University website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Beef Grower-Finisher System

    Leeds_Black 200 x 89

    Drawing together expertise in food & environment, livestock science, food innovation technology, diet & health. Interdisciplinary, impact-orientated research tackles challenges at regional, national & global levels.

    Visit the University of Leeds website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: National Pig Centre

    Newcastle University Logo 200 x 89

    Focus across the spectrum of food science and human health, agricultural science and management, soil and environmental science, rural economy and society, as well as food and product marketing.

    Visit the Newcastle University website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Centre for Digital Innovation Applied to Livestock (C-DIAL)

    Uni of Nottingham 200 x 89

    Deliver transformative research from the School of Veterinary Medicine & Science, School of Biosciences & the University Farm. Technical expertise & high-specification facilities support R&D across the entire food system.

    Visit the University of Nottingham website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Centre for Dairy Science Innovation (C-DSI)

    Queens University Belfast Logo 200 x 89

    The Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS), within Queen’s University Belfast, provides sophisticated, world-leading research and laboratory facilities to enhance food safety and food security, both nationally and worldwide.

    Visit Queen’s University website.

    CIEL-supported livestock capability: Centre for Plasma in Agrifood (AgriPlas) ASSET Lab

    Rothamsted Research Logo 200 x 89

    Demonstrating the impact and value of ruminant livestock systems by improving efficiencies whilst reducing atmospheric and water pollution. Expertise in soil science, grazing systems, greenhouse gases, ruminant health & nutrition..

    Visit the Rothamsted Research website.

    CIELsupported livestock capability: North Wyke Farm Platform including the Robert Orr Small Ruminant Facility and Forage Harvester

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    Research focuses on rural, environmental & land-based activity addressing health and productivity in animals & crops and animal welfare. Promoting low carbon farming & increasing farm output through efficiency and innovation.

    Visit the SRUC website.

    CIEL supported livestock capability: Beef and Sheep Research CentreMobile CT Scanner