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Developing partnerships and driving collaboration to both enable and accelerate innovation is at the core of CIEL. It is a key pillar of activity in our bid to help deliver our sector’s Net Zero ambition.

Launched in 2021 and led by colleagues in CIEL’s Innovation Team, academic and industry Members have been brought together to look at key themes and priority areas for collective action to help down the carbon footprint of livestock farming.

These Open Innovation (OI) Groups are a safe, pre-competitive space to identify and develop joint priority areas for collaborative research.

To date, two Feed & Nutrition Open Innovation Groups have been successfully established, enabling a targeted focus on ruminant and monogastric issues. These Groups are currently drafting proposals and building consortia to be one step ahead when appropriate funding calls are launched. A subsequent group focused on Animal Health & Welfare will follow.

By following the relevant link below, participants of each OI group can access all supporting material relating to their group – participants, meetings and projects. Access is restricted to participants in each group. You will need the unique log in provided to enter the OI Group of interest.

Links to OI Groups

Want to find out more about the OI groups and are interested in taking part? If you are a current participant and can’t access your OI group, please get in touch…