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Safe food, produced to a high standard, in a transparent and low carbon way, at CIEL we support and facilitate the delivery of efficient, sustainable and competitive livestock and aquatic food production.

To explore and better define these innovation challenges, throughout 2023 CIEL ran a series of workshops across the UK, not simply to look at need, but also unlock a range of stakeholder-led ideas to address issues across:

> Aquaculture, climate change and the environment
> Husbandry, feed and technology
> Trade, supply chain and marketing
> Disease and public health

This downloadable booklet offers a summary of the overarching themes and more specific challenges of each nation and we are grateful to everyone who participated and shared their experience and insight.

Working with our extensive academic and industry network, CIEL’s dedicated resources will seek to drive the development of projects to meet each of the four nation’s innovation priorities, ensuring tangible, deliverable actions for industry-wide impact and progress.

If you have a particular interest in future events and initiatives CIEL is planning around this topic area, please indicate this on the contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.

Accelerating Innovation in Aquaculture

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