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Do you have a bright idea?

If you have a good idea but are not sure where to begin, then, start by getting in touch with us.

CIEL can bring together all the elements for conducting key research and proof of concept by simplifying the process and speeding up the translation of ideas into new products and services.

As a CIEL Member you’ll have priority access to all our resources and reports. If the timing isn’t right for you to take up membership, but you are looking for support with a particular project, or need advice about getting a specific idea off the ground, we can still help. We will put in place a bespoke package of support for your agrifood business to help achieve your ambition and drive forward science and innovation in the livestock sector.

Take a look at some of the areas where we can help…

Spot untapped potential or a good opportunity?

Get in touch if you need help with transforming your idea into the latest innovation for the livestock sector and food production supply chain.

    CIEL is an independent, trusted source of knowledge and guidance

    Whether it’s a scoping study, feasibility assessment, or simply providing the latest insight into the agrifood R&D pipeline, CIEL’s resources and expertise can help you to address specific challenges.

    If you’re looking to break into a new market with a new or existing product, a CIEL-led market study is informed by our own insight and knowledge, drawning on a broad range of commercial and research partners. Or, when it comes to project development, we’re on hand to shape and inform study direction.

    We regularly scour the funding landscape to pick out the key opportunities

    Understanding the different types and sources of R&D funding available is important in maximising the chances of securing either grant or commercial funding. We can help you navigate the funding process and help ensure that you attract and take advantage of the best R&D resources possible.

    Leveraging CIEL’s expertise rapidly speeds up the time required to secure funding and improves the chances of success by opening doors to collaborate with major routes-to-market and innovators across the livestock and agrifood sectors. For grant funding, CIEL can undertake targeted searches matched to specific project needs across regional, national and international funding sources. Once a suitable funding opportunity is identified, CIEL will work with you to find suitable partners with the right technical expertise. We’ll help prepare a comprehensive application for funding, managing the submission process throughout.

    For commercial funding, whether private or precompetitive collaborative funding, CIEL will support developing proposals and pitches for industry, and linking organisations together to produce programmes of work that will deliver mutual benefit.

    Browse our ruminant, monogastric and multi-sector research capability and take a look at the range of potential partners we could introduce you to.

    CIEL is ideally setup to deliver a project management service

    Helping to ensure all key elements of the project are delivered on time and within budget. All R&D projects are risky, but most funding bodies have little tolerance for poor project management. Increasingly, a central marking criterion for new funding sources involves having a partner to specifically help manage the project. CIEL has established and streamlined reporting channels offering full governance and compliance with funding bodies. We also have a proven track record in managing a wide variety of projects.

    Take a look at our Impact section to find out about our current projects and collaborative research in our case studies.

    We have the knowledge, contacts and reach needed to support the sharing and cascade of know-how and insight

    Translating complex technical and scientific issues can be a challenge at the best of times. Yet, when the science and technology is evolving rapidly, that challenge is only amplified. With specialists in all livestock sectors, CIEL can help support critical knowledge exchange across your business and with collaborators.

    Discover more about the CIEL Network.

    Net Zero Challenge

    The Committee on Climate Change has recommended a 64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and land-use sector to meet a 2050 net zero carbon target in the UK.

    This is an opportunity to tackle climate change while building systems that will help to deliver a sustainable farm and food future for our nation.

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    As a CIEL Member you will be directly linked to new research capability and insight. We will help you connect with potential partners, widening your collaborative opportunities and making the most of your R&D budget. From potential funding to project management, ultimately, we can help you deliver the products and services your customers want, supporting the livestock sector to be more efficient, profitable and resilient.