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World-leading research capability for the monogastric sector

Our poultry capability is a key component of our offering as poultry is the largest animal protein sector and recognised as innovative. Key challenges which will require further research are bird welfare, novel and sustainable feeds, environmental emissions and litter management, as well as reducing avian diseases. 

Expertise includes:

Fundamental research of bird behaviour, health and welfare 

Improving bird health and welfare through applied on farm research 

Improving productivity and reducing environmental impact through studies of interactions between health, environment, genotype and nutrition, from fertilisation through to product. 

Additional expertise and facilities to support the poultry sector are also available through the following CIEL academic partners: Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI); Harper Adams University; Queen’s University Belfast; University of Edinburgh Roslin Institute; University of Nottingham.

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    The Allermuir Avian Innovation and Skills Centre (AISC) is the UK’s largest facility to improve avian nutrition, health and welfare.

    The Centre the only poultry research facility in the UK that can accommodate scientifically-sound replicated trials all the way from small-scale pilots through to testing ideas under near commercial conditions.


    The Bristol Poultry Research Farm supports sustainable productivity and driving consumer confidence by improving bird welfare.

    The Bristol Poultry Research Farm offers many possibilities for small-scale trials aimed at improving bird health, welfare and productivity. Expertise is matched by the facility’s flexibility in configuration to accommodate a broad scope of studies.

    Find out about all our poultry capability in the full CIEL Monogastric brochure featuring details of the research capability available, technical specifications, video walkthroughs and case studies.