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The Bristol Poultry Research Farm supports sustainable productivity and driving consumer confidence by improving bird welfare.

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The Bristol Poultry Research Farm offers many possibilities for small-scale trials aimed at improving bird health, welfare and productivity. Expertise is matched by the facility’s flexibility in configuration to accommodate a broad scope of studies.

This facility bridges the gap between commercial systems and small experimental units, combining industry standard housing with state-of-the-art poultry monitoring, at flock and individual level.

It features eight individually controlled experimental rooms, housing up to 300 birds in each. There are also two isolated hatching facilities, available for research into both laying hen and broiler health, welfare and behaviour. Home Office compliant suites of four rooms, for 20 adult hens per room, are also available.

Key research expertise

The £1M state-of-the art poultry facility offers specialist, industry-focused research for both laying hens and broilers.

Active research areas include:

For Layers

  • Attitudes to welfare and welfare assessment tools
  • Feather loss and beak trimming alternatives
  • Housing design
  • Keel bone fractures
  • Nutrition
  • Farmer-led innovation

For Broilers

  • Consumer and breeder attitudes to welfare
  • Welfare assessment tools
  • Humane stunning and slaughter techniques
  • Campylobacter and Salmonella zoonoses
  • Nutrition
  • Emissions


Improved efficiency & productivity alongside enhanced welfare for both egg and meat production. Novel monitoring systems for bird productivity and welfare.

Supporting the Grand Challenges facing livestock food production:

Health & Welfare Management
Resource Efficiency & Precision Nutrition
Food Safety, Quality & Integrity

Bristol Poultry Research Farm

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