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Our Founding Research Members and Associate Research Members offer an un-paralleled access to research and development support for novel husbandry, welfare and food production, including centres of excellence throughout the UK.

In 2020

The value of pig meat increased by 10% to £1.4 billion

The value of poultry meat increased by 5.3% to £2.8 billion

The value of eggs increased by 11% to £730 million

Agriculture in the UK 2020 Department for Environment, Food, Rural Affairs

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    Challenges facing the pig sector include disease prevention, requiring novel antibiotic replacements, and stringent biosecurity measures; market volatility, compliance with regulations and improving the environmental footprint – whilst producing pork efficiently and meeting consumer expectations.

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    The largest animal protein sector, our poultry capability is a key component of our offering and recognised as innovative.

    Key challenges which will require further research are bird welfare, novel and sustainable feeds, environmental emissions and litter management, as well as reducing avian diseases.

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    The Committee on Climate Change has recommended a 64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and land-use sector to meet a 2050 net zero carbon target in the UK.

    This is an opportunity to tackle climate change while building systems that will help to deliver a sustainable farm and food future for our nation.

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