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We are the UK’s Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock, a leading farm animal research alliance, helping to bring new technologies and processes to livestock food production within the UK and worldwide.

Improving UK food systems and sustainability

Over and above working alongside our research partners, our Members span the food supply chain, including producers, processors, retailers, veterinary health, feed companies and SME innovators, all with an interest in R&D and improving UK food systems.

Our reach also extends across the UK Government, providing a voice to ensure important industry issues are addressed, championing new ideas, and providing our Members with unparalleled opportunities to partner in projects.

Call us: +44 01904 217 493 or ask us a question via our web enquiry form.

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    We can help you deliver the products and services your customers want, driving the livestock sector to be more efficient, profitable and resilient.

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    Tackling today’s grand challenges for livestock food production, find out what these are and how we are working to find, address and share the answers.

    Learn more about the Net Zero Challenge and read our reports.

    The Committee on Climate Change has recommended a 64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and land-use sector to meet a 2050 net zero carbon target in the UK.

    This is an opportunity to tackle climate change while building systems that will help to deliver a sustainable farm and food future for our nation.

    Learn more and read our reports.