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Expertise supporting the complete food production supply chain

We are one of the world’s largest livestock science hubs, working with world-leading researchers and industry partners across the supply chain to identify challenges, potential solutions and routes to R&D funding.

Facilitating access to £70 million of capital investment in new R&D capability across all livestock sectors, that will develop agri-tech to directly benefit UK farming and the wider agrifood industry, our role is to link people and centres of excellence to form a world-class hub of expertise that can tackle the issues that no one part of the sector can address alone.

CIEL is the gateway for research and innovation within livestock food production

Connecting industry with world-class research capability and insight to successfully tackle key livestock challenges faced by our industry. From developing climate smart food systems and enhancing animal health to improving welfare and productivity, CIEL is working with businesses to help identify, develop and deliver impactful science and research.

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    Pigs and Poultry Research Facilities

    Our world-leading monogastric research and facilities mean you can fast track your ideas and innovation. Developing new technology, methods on the ground, collaborating with state-of-the-art equipment, rigour and farm test-beds.

    Dairy, Beef and Sheep Research Facilities

    Explore the key capability we have helped to develop in support of the dairy, beef and sheep sectors. Research capability is readily accessible to any business operating within the food supply chain and we can partner you with the research expertise and facilities you need. 

    Multi-sector Research Facilities

    We have a range of cross-sector specialist facilities to support your ideas, innovation and proof of concept work. Be informed and inspired!

    Finding the answers to today’s agri-food challenges and driving greater efficiency, resilience and wealth across the sector, meet the scientists who partner with CIEL and their Members. 

    Our members come from the full spectrum of food production supply chain. From farm to fork, you can find out more about our members through our Member Spotlights. 

    Learn more about the Net Zero Challenge and read the reports commissioned by CIEL, written by renowned environmental, climate and livestock scientists from UK research institutions.

    Learn more about the Living with the Risk of Bird Flu Report released in April 2023. The report was written by Prof. Lisa Boden and her team at the University of Edinburgh Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems.

    Learn more about the ‘Investing in Animal Health’ Report which draws together the breadth of opportunities in animal health where investment can make a significant difference. It makes the case for the UK being ideally positioned for such investment, with the benefits able to be captured by integrated supply chains here and rolled out overseas.