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Our Founding Research Members and Associate Research Members offer unparalleled access to research and development support for novel husbandry, welfare and food production, including centres of excellence throughout the UK.

In 2020

The value of beef and veal increased by 4.0% to £2.9 billion

The value of mutton and lamb production increased by 9.4% to £1.3 billion

The value of milk and milk products decreased by 1.8% to £4.4 billion

‘Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2020’ Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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    Beef and sheep production faces challenges in several areas including changes to farm support mechanisms, environmental legislation, fragmented supply chains, price volatility and relatively low adoption of new technologies.

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    Dairy products achieve a huge penetration across UK households, although there is increasing competition from non-dairy alternatives.

    Our dairy capabilities address the key challenges requiring research and innovation: environmental impact, whole-lifetime health and welfare, resource efficiency, novel feeds and disease reduction.

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    The Committee on Climate Change has recommended a 64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and land-use sector to meet a 2050 net zero carbon target in the UK.

    This is an opportunity to tackle climate change while building systems that will help to deliver a sustainable farm and food future for our nation.

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