Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF)

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Enabling unprecedented insights into the health and well-being of livestock and the prevention of human diseases – a One Health approach.

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Royal School of Veterinary Studies | Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF) | CIEL

Research within the Large Animal Research Imaging Facility, or LARIF, supports the One Health framework, recognising the link between human, animal and environmental health. It offers exceptional specialist facilities for in-depth studies of all major farmed livestock, including: containment areas for work involving infectious pathogens; facilities for advanced gene technologies; environmentally controlled units suitable for behaviour and welfare studies; imaging, surgical and critical care facilities for large animal models of disease; and development of medical technology that will benefit both humans and animals.

Key research expertise

The LARIF allows users to benefit from a wide range of expertise in farm animal production, health and welfare including:

  • Infectious diseases and zoonoses
  • Vaccines
  • Genetics and genome editing
  • Imaging
  • Radiology
  • Medicine
  • Surgery and critical care

A Culture of Care is central to the function of the LARIF and animal welfare is of utmost priority. All work is undertaken in line with UK Home Office Guidelines and licencing requirements, and is overseen by a team of dedicated Named Veterinary Surgeons who are independent from the work carried out within the facility. Behaviour and welfare studies are supported by environmentally-controlled units with CCTV and can take advantage of the imaging and surgical facilities as required.


Linking One Health initiatives with farm animal health and disease epidemiology through advancing study of the physiological state of animals and gene expression. Supporting research in animal health and veterinary therapies. Together with enabling advances in immunology and host defence, neuroscience and developmental biology across multiple livestock species.

Supporting the Grand Challenges facing livestock food production:

Climate Smart Food Systems

Endemic Disease Reduction

Health & Welfare Management

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