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Edinburgh GENetic Evaluation Services (EGENES)

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EGENES is a leading centre for the development and delivery of genetic improvement tools for the livestock industry.

The team at EGENES produces national genetic and genomic evaluations for all dairy cattle and sheep and for the UK’s biggest beef breeds. The process uses performance and pedigree data recorded by farmers, breeders and other industry players. These data are combined, quality controlled and analysed to produce routine genetic evaluations, which are then fed back to industry.

The intellectual and practical challenge in sustainable agricultural production is to link genetic variation with traits of interest, including production efficiency, fertility, health and welfare traits, to the benefit of the production system and food chain.

The essential skills required to achieve this are the ability to analyse genetic variation and to develop theoretical and statistical frameworks for analysis of very large datasets. Implementation of the outcomes is achieved through multiple strategic partnerships with major breeding companies and other industry partners with a delivery route via EGENES.


Ensuring livestock breeders benefit from breeding tools that are being continually improved in the light of new research. Faster genetic gain applied to better breeding objectives for future farms. Supporting the provision of premium products from profitable, sustainable farming systems.

Supporting the Grand Challenges facing livestock food production:

Climate Smart Food Systems

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