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Dairy Nutrition for a Healthier World
Volac is a leader in dairy nutrition with a mission to develop great products that advance the health and performance of consumers and farm animals.

The company is a fast-growing, ambitious international business. Their belief is that dairy nutrition, delivered through great products, can be transformative and create a more sustainable and healthier world. Great emphasis is placed on understanding what consumers and customers need and providing them with products that they really value.

Their product range spans three core business areas:

Animal Nutrition
For over fifty years Volac has provided farming with innovative research-based animal nutrition products and is committed to helping dairy farmers improve the long-term health and welfare of their animals in responsible ways. Their animal nutrition business is driven by developing, manufacturing and supplying high-performance products, specifically designed to advance livestock productivity. Products and services cover:

  • Young Animal Nutrition (having created the first commercially available instantized milk replacer for lambs: Lamlac®);
  • Feed Fats (producers of the world-leading rumen-protected feed fat Megalac®); and
  • Forage Preservation (including the market-leading Ecosyl™ silage inoculants).

Performance Ingredients
Pioneers in the manufacture of whey proteins and derivatives from fresh whey, Volac constantly seeks to unlock the vast potential of dairy. The company has a global customer base across sports nutrition and the food and beverage markets.

Dairy Ingredients
Volac has extensive experience in the production of nutritionally rich dairy ingredients for the world’s leading food manufacturers, making a range of lactose and whey-based ingredients, offering both functionality and taste enhancement.

CIEL and Volac
Volac joined the CIEL Member network in 2017. The organisations are working together to identify key challenges in the sector and innovation that can help transform cattle nutrition combined with responsible production.

Our thirst for innovation is well-established. Our commitment to technical research keeps us at the forefront of the science of dairy nutrition, so we can continue to deliver exceptional products with unique benefits for our partners, customers and end-users. Working with CIEL and it’s wider network is an important element of this.

Dr John Newbold, Head of Technical, Animal Nutrition, Volac.

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