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With increasing awareness of the environmental impact of methane and ammonia emissions from livestock farming, ways to mitigate them are being rolled out at a fast pace.

Without highly accurate technology to measure and monitor emissions however, it is difficult to know what management strategies are needed and how effective these activities are in reducing emissions.

Laser spectroscopy instrumentation company Mirico have put together a world-class team of scientists who are focused on delivering the most reliable monitoring technology for gas emissions across multiple industries.

At the heart of all their sensors is a revolutionary new technology – Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (LDS). This allows for real-time monitoring of emissions and enables the collection and interpretation of emissions data in almost all-weather conditions.

Their highly precise sensors then integrate with Mirico CLOUD, an online platform that allows users to quantify and visualise emissions across any number of sites so any changes can be reacted to in real-time.

Compared with conventional methods of monitoring methane and ammonia concentrations, Mirico’s technology offers:

  • Accurate, precise and reliable measurements
  • Consistent performance in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, dust)
  • Large area coverage with simple, robust equipment
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring
  • Real time, reproducible data for more meaningful analysis

With Mirico you can monitor the concentration of methane, carbon dioxide or ammonia, reducing environmental impact while maintaining productivity.

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