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Chordata is a new company formed by specialists in sensor technology, wearables, experience design and data science, to develop integrated solutions for ruminant veterinary care.

Their novel system, Chordata PLF, uses two integrated sensors to capture a range of ambient and blood marker vital signs. This system has been developed to provide animal specific and whole herd data insights to assist farmer managers and veterinarians improve performance.

The technology can be used to detect a range of metabolic diseases that can impact yields, fertility, labour and veterinary costs, and, in extreme cases, can result in culling. Early detection can improve calf and adult animal health as well as welfare, productivity and margins in dairy production.

“Early disease detection allows producers to make smarter, faster decisions around treatment, in turn reducing the use of unnecessary antimicrobials, ” explains John Wisbey, co-founder of Chordata. “By co-designing the system with farm managers and veterinarians we will ensure ease-of-use and early adoption of the technology with simple, practical application and effective outcomes.

“Further benefits of this technology could include improved animal health and welfare, increased yield and resource efficiency and decreased environmental emissions.”

“The creation of such technology is critically important for the sustainable development of the sector”

John Wisbey, co-founder, Chordata

Chordata is also working on a parallel project to improve the health and wellbeing of companion animals through a multi-function pet wearable to read ambient markers, activity and behaviour metrics; integrated with a pet health chip for the detection of blood bio-markers and a transducer for ID.

Founded in late 2018 to bring together R&D investment and equity capital to fund specialists in biosensor and tracking technology; data science, connectivity and machine learning; needs analysis, usability testing and experience design – with veterinary scientists, farm managers, processors and agri-business suppliers to tackle AMR.

Chordata believe the time is right to simplify on-farm technology to provide powerful outcomes at low cost for farm managers and vets, with insight for policy makers, pharma, retailers and processors.

Chordata and CIEL
CIEL helped Chordata bring together a project consortium to develop an integrated in-vivo sub dermal biosensor and wearable ambient sensor, to diagnose metabolic diseases in dairy cattle.

CIEL has also helped broker strategically important commercial relationships between Chordata and some of the UK’s major vet groups, feed companies and retailers. Chordata will work with each partner to ensure the system is designed to meet their specific needs for information and analysis. Chordata see CIEL as a critical partner for programme design, with an informed, impartial sector perspective and understanding to guide the business through R&D, partner discussion and commercial development.

“Without CIEL we could so easily be learning through our mistakes – with CIEL we are confident we can avoid them and achieve fast-track transformational change. ”

John Wisbey, co-founder, Chordata

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