CIEL | News:Agri-Tech merger opportunities for livestock

The recent merger announcement of CHAP, CIEL and Agri-EPI will create an integrated capacity to provide agri-tech solutions for the livestock sector, driving producer productivity, efficiency and performance according to CIEL

Having secured £8.5 million in project funding to date in partnership with its Members, CIEL expects this figure would grow considerably and access to funding opportunities would only improve as part of a new Agri-Tech Catapult.

Helen Brookes, CIEL’s Head of Business Development says the merger presents several opportunities and benefits for the primary farming sector.

“The proposed Agri-Tech Catapult will bring together industry know-how and present greater knowledge-exchange opportunities through collaboration between industry, academics, researchers and government.

“In turn, this will accelerate the speed at which start-ups and entrepreneurs can deliver innovations and will help businesses achieve better funding bids and secure more investment.

“It will also encourage long term investment to counter long term issues like health, breeding and genetics and will allow a stronger voice into Government, making sure that industry issues are considered at the highest level.

“CIEL is really excited to be part of the new Joint Centre approach,” says Ms Brookes.

“As well as numerous benefits to the livestock industry, it allows us to build on our achievements and grow the number of research partnerships.

 “This will enable us to significantly increase the value of CIEL supported research, which this year has seen over £8.6 million of investment.”

Ms Brookes explains that with some farming sectors adapting to a phase-out of government support, the combined Agri-Tech Centres will be integral to ensuring UK producers can compete with global suppliers.

“There is tremendous potential for the new organisation to act as a catalyst for collaboration, a key strength of all the Centres which has been amply demonstrated since their inception.

“Agri-tech is a complex and fragmented landscape. Individually, the Centres have helped hundreds of businesses navigate that space, working on over 500 projects.

“The possibilities of what we might achieve together are boundless and will definitely benefit each of the sectors represented,” she says.