CIEL | News: Sainsbury’s launches “lower carbon” beef range

100% British Sainsbury’s lower carbon Taste the Difference Aberdeen Angus beef range, produced by Gamechanger farmers, has launched into 63 UK stores.

For five years, Gamechanger has been continually evolving, developing and growing, and has now reached the point of launching into Sainsbury’s stores, as the UK’s first lower carbon beef range.

Lower carbon Taste the Difference Aberdeen Angus beef represents a step-change in the environmental sustainability of British beef. Through the bespoke and integrated Gamechanger supply chain, the range delivers lifetime farm assurance, a 25% reduction in carbon footprint and a fair return for farmers whilst offering unrivalled flavour and tenderness for consumers.

Jocelyn Orr, Agriculture Manager, Sainsbury’s: “Traditional beef supply chains are historically fragmented, and our customers are increasingly demanding more visibility of where their food comes from, and how it has been produced. That’s why we’ve been working over the years to create greater transparency in our supply chains, to support British farmers and keep great tasting, high quality British beef in our consumers’ baskets.”

Working closely with animal breeding company Genus ABS, a major focus for Gamechanger has been identifying and exclusively providing the very best Aberdeen Angus genetics to dairy farmers within the supply chain. Through this, the dairy farmers we work with gain exclusive access to easy-calving, short gestation sires, allowing their cows the best chance of a profitable lactation.

For Gamechanger rearers and finishers, the key advantages are the forward pricing which allows them to plan ahead, free on-farm technology to better inform management decisions, and full technical and veterinary support to maximise herd health and profitability. The programme also makes animal financing an option for finishing farmers, removing the barrier of large capital investment in animals and empowering young entrants into the industry.

Gamechanger has been designed and developed to ensure that genetic benefits are shared throughout the supply chain, with cost of production payment models allowing for fair payment for our farmers.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved in Gamechangeer, as either a dairy farmer supplying calves into the system or a rearing or finishing unit, please get in touch at