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CIEL Insights ‘Data Discussion’ Webinar

CIEL Insights ‘Data Discussion’ Webinar

Every farmer has a goal for their operation. To achieve each goal, farmers must make better decisions and move beyond the use of general knowledge and traditional ways of working. There is now an increasing need for information specifically suited for an individual farmer needs – based on farming system, contracts, physical and environmental features of their farm. Through better data use, data sharing, and even big data applications, combined with technology and innovation, farmer goals around profitability, efficiency, carbon management and more can be achieved.

This webinar will showcase research projects within the CIEL research network that have a strong focus on data capture and data use. It will explore how the research provides an understanding as to the practical impact it can have on individual farming businesses and for the wider livestock industry. CIEL Members will provide an insight into the need for connecting data from farms to provide transparency and better integration throughout the supply chain – and the ways in which their services can be applied.

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Oct 04 2022


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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