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Annie Williams
World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022

Throughout February, CIEL is exploring farmer behaviour, barriers and incentives to adoption of new technology.

Within this we’ll explore the impact of legislation, cross-sector differences, the retailer perspective and explore successful methods of driving change across the industry. We will be releasing a series of blogs and podcasts alongside a panel discussion webinar for CIEL Members on 14 February at 1.30pm that will focus on gaining different perspectives from key stakeholders across the livestock industry on the theme of Farmer Adoption of New Innovation.

Why focus on the Farmer Adoption of New Innovation theme?

This was a key theme that dominated the CIEL Accelerating Innovation Member event in September 2022. A panel session with Sarah Haire, Dawn Meats, Ben Williams, Glanbia Cheese and Professor Jude Capper, Harper Adams University highlighted that innovation is happening across the industry, but the current sticking point is getting farmers to invest in new technology, which they may perceive as a risk.

I joined CIEL in February 2022, and since then I’ve learned about an abundance of really exciting innovation happening across the livestock industry, but also gained really valuable insight on how we encourage the adoption of new innovation on farm. Particularly from Helen Brookes (Business Development Manager), who joined CIEL at a similar time to me.

Knowledge transfer and exchange and the method of delivery are critical steps to encourage the adoption of new technology. There are multiple steps to be taken before cutting-edge innovation can be utilised on farm. These may vary, depending on audience, sector, innovation, plus a variety of other industry specific and on farm factors.

Human behaviour, the psychology around decision making and how we alter embedded practices over several years have all been a fascinating learning curve.

The thoughts around the adoption of new technology being crucial for the livestock sector, was a real sticking point, that was seconded at the CIEL Accelerating Innovation event by another panel. Speakers Andy Adler, Mole Valley Farmers, and Christine Parry, AB Agri both of have been central to the success of CIEL’s Open Innovation Groups for Feed and Nutrition. The panel highlighted that any research conducted from these groups must be rolled out across industry and be accessible for farmers so we can see the real impact.

CIEL is currently involved in several different projects with varying topics and with very different scales. One thing we always focus on early, is how the project will deliver impact across the industry.

Keep an eye out for the next CIEL Insights blog written by Dr David Rose, Cranfield University on Agri-Tech adoption: learning lessons, taking action.

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The road to adoption of new innovations
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